Paid betting prediction


I guess it has happened to you as to each of us to seek for betting predictions for football matches and other sports events on the Internet. I suppose you’ve come across websites that offer paid predictions. The idea behind such sites is for you to pay a certain sum of money, then to receive betting prediction. You are expected to bet and when you earn money from the operation to be on profit.

All these sites shout about profits and ensure success; they claim that the success rate in their picks is over 90% and so on. You can see lots of very similar ads in videos on YouTube. On this video site every time you type the word betting invariably you come across a spot where someone paid bettingexplains you that you will win without problems and with a few simple rules that you must follow and so on. Of course for the service you must pay.

To make the long story short. Although there are some really professional agencies for betting predictions which offer legally their services, we can safely say that 99% of these advertising sites are an absolute fraud. You will have their betting predictions, no doubt in that, but the problem is that no one can guarantee you success. What is the meaning to pay for predictions when a penalty or a red card would change completely the situation on the ground?

When you see those ads and people who offer their one hundred percent winning predictions, the most normal question you can ask yourself is why don’t all these people earn money by simple betting? Usually the answer is related to things like that “The betting houses have closed all their accounts and therefore they can’t play” etc. You decide for yourself if this answer satisfies you or not.

If one wants to bet, there are so many legal and illegal ways that do it.

Personally, my advice is to play by yourself. After all betting is mostly fun and only then business. And if you decide to turn it into a business, it is unlikely to want to rely on someone who you have never seen and contacted with only through a fake e-mail.

Take the highest odds for your betting prediction


When you do betting you want to take the highest odds for your predictions. If you achieve that you will increase your profits and even with a lower success rate you will be able to achieve better ROI, which, ultimately is the goal.

So now the main question is how to get higher odds from the betting houses for our predictions?

There are several ways. The first is mandatory for all punters. You need to have several accounts in different bookmakers. This will help you ensure that you can get the high odds they offer. This is because different bookmakers offer different odds for the matches. If Arsenal’s victory over Sunderland at bookmaker A is 1.5, then the bookie B may offer it for 1.55 and for bookmaker C it might be betting odds1.48. Having accounts in all three betting houses, will guarantee that you will get the best price.

Another trick not to miss the best odds is to carefully monitor the possible bets that you can make. The bookmakers have traditionally set their margin differently for different betting options and so for the same event we get very different rates. For example, playing on two possible outcomes is far more popular than playing with Asian Handicap of +0.5. This is essentially the same bet, but with sensitive difference in the offered odds. Since the margin that the bookmaker has set for betting on two possible outcomes is higher, the rates there are lower. Normally in such case you go to bet on Asian Handicap and take the higher odds.

The third piece of advice I can give you is to track the betting odds. They go up and down all the time, depending on the made bets for the match. If you do so you will be able to bet when the desired ratio is high enough for you.

The last advice on this subject is connected with the live betting. If you want to risk for bigger odds, make your prediction, but don’t play it immediately. Wait until the 30th minute of the match. If your match is 0-0 at the time bet for your team. You will get higher odds for sure.

Look at this video below for more advices about your betting

Albirex Niigata vs Hiroshima – My betting prediction


Albirex Niigata and Hiroshima will play against each other in this round of the championship of Japan. The match is very interesting because both teams are in completely opposite positions in the current standings. The guests from Hiroshima are the sole leaders in the league and with two points ahead from the second team – Vegalta Sendai. The host – Albirex Niigata is just one place above the relegation zone. One point divides them from the 16th in the standings – Omiya Ardija.

If we have a look at another statistic, which consists of home games, we will see that the hosts are located on the very bottom of the ranking. They have won only eight points from ten games at home and have scored just six goals. In the opposite rating – containing only betting predictionthe games as guest, Hiroshima holds the second place by winning 20 points in 10 games. The guests so far have achieved six wins, two draws and only two losses away from home.

Everything seems to go for an away win of Hiroshima and the proposed odds are not so bad. Victory would bring for the punter who bets for the guests 2 coefficient. What is against this betting prediction is the recovery, which the hosts show in their last few matches. They had five games in a row without a defeat before having a loss in the last round as a guest of the strong team of Yokohama M. More important, however, is the fact that Albirex Niigata had been able to score in five of their last 6 games, which suggests they are getting better after the poor start Albirex had.

This scoring ability in the last few games will be the base of my betting prediction for this match. The bookies’ proposal for this match to finish with more than 2.5 scored goals by both teams fully satisfies me. In any case, I expect some goals from the leaders in the standing and some help from the attack on Albirex Niigata which has been able to score goals recently.

Here is a video of one of the last matches of Albirex.

Therefore, my prediction for this match is over with odds from several betting houses of 1.85.

Role Playing


Sexual fantasies and role playing of these fantasies is among the most common of all sexual fetishes. In role playing, two people take on specific roles and act them out in a variety of erotic scenarios. The ability to take on a new persona and have sexual fantasies fulfilled makes role playing incredibly enticing for people, which accounts for the popularity of role playing in person and online.

History of Role Playing

Humans have been taking on different roles and acting out scenarios from the earliest times of ancient Greek theater. The enjoyment found in the act of dressing up and transforming into someone else is attractive to children playing dress up, amateur and professional actors on a stage, and can account for the fact that Halloween is equally popular among children and adults.

Determining the earliest time that role playing began to be used to act out sexual and erotic fantasies is not known, but variations of role playing can be found in literature and erotica for many generations. Role playing is one of the most diverse of all sexual fetishes, as anything is possible when left to the imagination and a wide range of scenarios, props and acts can be involved, depending on the personal preferences of the people engaged in role playing.

What is Role Playing?

Role playing involves two people creating a scenario and taking on a role in sexual and erotic play. The role playing scenarios can be simple and playful or serious and involved with intricate costumes, scripts, and props to create a realistic erotic experience. This may involve simply dressing in skimpy and sexy clothes or specific costumes, such as a nurse, police officer, or doctor.

Role playing may involve elements of bondage, BDSM, or one person taking on a dominant role, while the other is submissive. These role playing games often involve one person playing a dominant role, while the other dressing in a submissive way and performing sexual acts under the orders of the dominant person in the scenario.

What’s the Attraction?

The attraction to role playing for an individual is as varied as the scenarios, roles, and people involved in role playing. In scenarios that involve dominance and submission, roles are often paired, such as a slave and master, prison guard and prisoner, doctor and patient, and police man and prisoner.

There are other forms of role play with more specific scenarios, elaborate planning, including costumes, props and scripts. These can involve age play with one person acting younger and the other older, kidnapping, rape and torture fantasies with one person as the captive and the dominant person restraining the submissive and acting out the abduction or rape. The practice is always consensual between both parties.

Finding a Participant

Role playing is acted out between couples in bedrooms and in online chat rooms. People meet up in bars, online bulletin boards, chat rooms, or look for escorts to engage in their erotic fantasies in listings on websites such as