Role Playing

Sexual fantasies and role playing of these fantasies is among the most common of all sexual fetishes. In role playing, two people take on specific roles and act them out in a variety of erotic scenarios. The ability to take on a new persona and have sexual fantasies fulfilled makes role playing incredibly enticing for people, which accounts for the popularity of role playing in person and online.

History of Role Playing

Humans have been taking on different roles and acting out scenarios from the earliest times of ancient Greek theater. The enjoyment found in the act of dressing up and transforming into someone else is attractive to children playing dress up, amateur and professional actors on a stage, and can account for the fact that Halloween is equally popular among children and adults.

Determining the earliest time that role playing began to be used to act out sexual and erotic fantasies is not known, but variations of role playing can be found in literature and erotica for many generations. Role playing is one of the most diverse of all sexual fetishes, as anything is possible when left to the imagination and a wide range of scenarios, props and acts can be involved, depending on the personal preferences of the people engaged in role playing.

What is Role Playing?

Role playing involves two people creating a scenario and taking on a role in sexual and erotic play. The role playing scenarios can be simple and playful or serious and involved with intricate costumes, scripts, and props to create a realistic erotic experience. This may involve simply dressing in skimpy and sexy clothes or specific costumes, such as a nurse, police officer, or doctor.

Role playing may involve elements of bondage, BDSM, or one person taking on a dominant role, while the other is submissive. These role playing games often involve one person playing a dominant role, while the other dressing in a submissive way and performing sexual acts under the orders of the dominant person in the scenario.

What’s the Attraction?

The attraction to role playing for an individual is as varied as the scenarios, roles, and people involved in role playing. In scenarios that involve dominance and submission, roles are often paired, such as a slave and master, prison guard and prisoner, doctor and patient, and police man and prisoner.

There are other forms of role play with more specific scenarios, elaborate planning, including costumes, props and scripts. These can involve age play with one person acting younger and the other older, kidnapping, rape and torture fantasies with one person as the captive and the dominant person restraining the submissive and acting out the abduction or rape. The practice is always consensual between both parties.

Finding a Participant

Role playing is acted out between couples in bedrooms and in online chat rooms. People meet up in bars, online bulletin boards, chat rooms, or look for escorts to engage in their erotic fantasies in listings on websites such as

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