Paid betting prediction

I guess it has happened to you as to each of us to seek for betting predictions for football matches and other sports events on the Internet. I suppose you’ve come across websites that offer paid predictions. The idea behind such sites is for you to pay a certain sum of money, then to receive betting prediction. You are expected to bet and when you earn money from the operation to be on profit.

All these sites shout about profits and ensure success; they claim that the success rate in their picks is over 90% and so on. You can see lots of very similar ads in videos on YouTube. On this video site every time you type the word betting invariably you come across a spot where someone paid bettingexplains you that you will win without problems and with a few simple rules that you must follow and so on. Of course for the service you must pay.

To make the long story short. Although there are some really professional agencies for betting predictions which offer legally their services, we can safely say that 99% of these advertising sites are an absolute fraud. You will have their betting predictions, no doubt in that, but the problem is that no one can guarantee you success. What is the meaning to pay for predictions when a penalty or a red card would change completely the situation on the ground?

When you see those ads and people who offer their one hundred percent winning predictions, the most normal question you can ask yourself is why don’t all these people earn money by simple betting? Usually the answer is related to things like that “The betting houses have closed all their accounts and therefore they can’t play” etc. You decide for yourself if this answer satisfies you or not.

If one wants to bet, there are so many legal and illegal ways that do it.

Personally, my advice is to play by yourself. After all betting is mostly fun and only then business. And if you decide to turn it into a business, it is unlikely to want to rely on someone who you have never seen and contacted with only through a fake e-mail.

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